Sunday, January 20

Tired of Complaints, Porsche Releases Video on Why Their Awesome Brakes Squeal

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Apparently, Porsche is tired of people complaining about brake squeal so they have released a new video to explain why it is normal. If you enjoy a ginormous amount of technical speak, then you’re in for a real treat in this instalment of “Porsche explains things.”

From Porsche: Brake squealing or squeaking is rarely a sign of trouble. Porsche engineers explain why there is a propensity for brake squeal. Though this is typical of high performance brakes, our superior engineering strives to minimize unwanted brake noise.

Porsche makes it clear that it will always prioritize performance over noise, so apparently, owners are just going to have to deal with it. The company does claim to be working on mitigating brake squeal, but mentions that because of the various conditions, “some squealing is inevitable.

Image: Porshe



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