Monday, November 11

Tesla Turns off Automatic Emergency Braking in Some Newer Models

Automaker says that it will reactivate the safety system within 6 weeks

Some recently manufactured Tesla models have had their automatic emergency braking (AEB) systems turned off while the automaker examines real-world data to ensure that the system will work as intended, a spokeswoman said Sunday.

The system should be available to owners within 6 weeks, Tesla said, even though the vehicles were initially sold as having AEB as standard equipment.

This update applies only to Tesla vehicles built since Model 3 production began in late July, including all Model 3s, as well as newer Model S sedans and Model X SUVs. That means it will not affect the AEB systems on the vast majority of Teslas on the road today. CR learned about this move from a note posted by a Tesla owner on a Reddit message board; that owner said he received his notice on Saturday.

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