TecSA Moves into China with SST Install

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TORINO, Italy – The installation of the Shear Strength Test (SST) machine in China for the first time was a major step for the commercial expansion of TecSA in Asian countries.

The latest model of the SST machine is used for the measurement of the shear strength of the friction material to the lining or backplate.

It is possible to execute ISO 6312 Tests in real scale (for commercial vehicles at reduced scale) with two main capabilities: horizontal for brake pads and vertical for brake shoes.

The self-centering system that we have developed helps the operator to put in the correct way the brake pad avoiding and reducing time and mistakes in the test execution.

The SST’s range of application is suitable for the following dimensions of Pads: 8-250 cm² with a maximum surface (with basement): 125×300 mm. This solution allows to cover all the main models of brake pads present in the automotive market.

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TecSA developed two models for this machine according to the Shear Strength needed by the customer (Shear Strength: 100/200 kN), The vertical pressure applicable is of 50 N/cm² with an Incremental Rate of Shearing Force of 4500 N/sec.

Technical Features:

Dimensions of Pads: 8-250 cm²
Max. Surface (with basement): 125×300 mm
Shear Strength: 100/200 kN
Vertical Pressure: 50 N/cm²
Incremental Rate of Shearing Force: 4500 N/sec

About TecSA

The TecSA S.r.l. has thirty years of experience in the field of braking system testing laboratories. The company’s activities include the manufacture of new machinery and the revamping / renewal of existing test benches. TecSA products have been continuously evolved and updated (PCs, electronic and mechatronic solutions of latest generation) to increase performances, along with ease of use and high efficiency yield.

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Through automation its machines work in safely conditions even without operators. Tests can be run during nights and weekends. Several machines have been supplied for quality control and product development. Main ones are:

– dynamometers for motorbikes, passenger cars and racing sector
– dynamometers for the light commercial vehicles
– dynamometers for the truck and railway sector
– FQT (Friction Quality Test) for quality control, conformity of production and aftermarket development
– SST (Shear Strength Test) to measure shear strength of pads and the detachment of friction material form the backplate
– Compressibility
– Alternate torque

In close connection with its Customers, TecSA has developed procedures that meet both international standards (including homologation) and research needs, with high flexibility and the possibility of customizing tests.

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