Tallano Technologie Raises Funds for Brake-Emission System

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Source: Mirova announcement

BOULOGNE BILLANCOURT, ILE-DE-FRANCE — Tallano Technologie, created in 2012 by Christophe Rocca-Serra, is developing an innovative technology that reduces by 85 to 90 percent one of the main sources of ultra-fine particle emissions in the road and rail sector.

With a portfolio of 25 patents in a dozen countries around the world, Tallano has developed a particulate suction system called “TAMIC” which is directly attached to the brakes of road or rail vehicles.

The reduction performance achieved by Tallano is unparalleled and has already enabled it to develop various partnerships with several rail operators, including SNCF, car manufacturers and equipment suppliers in Europe and Asia.

Building on this first phase of development, and in a European regulatory context conducive to its expansion, Tallano has opened up its capital to major players in environmental transition. The company thus raised €17.7 million from Mirova, Bpifrance, Véolia and several European family offices.

The European Commission should soon adopt the future Euro 7 standard which will define the emissions of vehicles marketed from 2025. It should lead to a significant reduction in the emission thresholds including ultra-fine particles from braking, so far not targeted by any standard.

“TAMIC” offers a unique solution for capturing particulate emissions from automotive vehicle braking at the source. The brakes of a new vehicle represent on average six times more particles than its heat engine.

Tested in the laboratory and proven in real conditions, “TAMIC” is made up of an electronic card which activates a turbine when braking and which sucks up the particles emitted by the action of the pads on the brake disc.

This fundraising will enable the company to accelerate its commercial development with other rail operators around the world and to increase its partnerships in the road transport industry (cars and heavy vehicles).

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“This fundraising marks a major step in the development of Tallano,” said Christophe Rocca-Serra, CEO and founder of Tallano Technologie. “It also testifies to the recognition of the industrial and financial world for the work of the Tallano teams who for almost nine years have been innovating relentlessly to make “TAMIC” a solution that meets the major challenges of environmental protection and public health.

“We thank our new partners for their trust and look forward to writing the rest of our story with them. “

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