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Certain Nissan trucks must have their parking brake replaced in New Zealand

Improper Inspections Create Big Nissan Recall

Nissan is recalling 150,000 vehicles in Japan after determining they did not undergo proper inspections before being shipped from the manufacturing plant. Nissan has had several brake-related recalls recently. A significant part of the testing failure involved brakes. Although details…

Lumag testing

Inside Lumag’s Brake Testing Program

From Alpine summits to Spanish coasts — how Lumag tests its brake pads Brake pads are one of the most critical components ensuring safe driving. Their sudden failure can have serious consequences, and a ‘fender bender’ is the least dangerous of them. Here, Lumag’s Tomasz Orłowski, director…

Subaru Brakes

Subaru Falsified Brake Data

In June, Subaru’s CEO stepped down when the company was found to be falsifying data on fuel economy and emissions. On Sept. 28, Subaru executives held a news conference to say that the company also cheated on tests of brakes…