Staff, Revenue Up in 1st Half of 2021 at SEINSA

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Source: SEINSA Corporation announcement

MADRID –  The Navarrese firm SEINSA Corporation, leader in Europe in the manufacture of brake, transmission, steering and suspension systems products, increased its staff by 11 percent while achieving a sales record during the first half of 2021.

Revenue increased to €17, 40 percent more than the same period last year

The percentage of orders has also skyrocketed, some 60 percent higher when compared to the usual first half average.

The increase in staff is in response to this growth  with 11 percent more people hired, most of them women.

This industrial sector, which includes the leading companies in Spain such as SEINSA Corporation which supplies spare parts for  85 brands around the world, is now facing a period of uncertainty. The increase in the costs of energy, raw materials and logistical problems are main reasons.

Despite this, the Navarrese company has managed to stand out from the negative trend and increase its turnover by 40 percent in the first half of 2021.

The Spanish Association of Automotive Suppliers (SERNAUTO) estimates that 2019 turnover levels will not be recovered until the first quarter of 2022. SEINSA has gone from a turnover of €22.5 million in 2019 to  30 million in 2020 and expects to close 2021 with greater increases in its turnover.

The firm, which has been recognized in the middle of the pandemic by Innobasque as the most innovative in the country for its integral management model based on the development of people, has also increased its human team to respond to the growing demand.

Only in direct employment SEINSA has grown by 11 percent, while five percent of manufacturers have permanently dismissed employees. In addition, hiring has been mostly for women (57 percent of the Group’s workers are women).

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From the company they point out that these additions, both of recent graduates and experienced professionals, are being carried out in all its business lines:  both in areas of manufacturing, presses and assembly, as well as in areas of commercial development and development of people.  

SEINSA Corporation has an expansion plan to grow by 40 percent during the next three years, multiplying its annual sales volume, which reached 30 million euros in 2020, despite and against the forecasts of the automotive sector in general.

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