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Source: SEINSA Corporation announcement

MADRID — The spare parts and automotive parts industry is looking for companies in Europe that produce quality products and distribute faithfully, without depending on the Chinese market. SEINSA Corporation, with headquarters and production plants in Navarra, northern Spain, and India, controls the entire manufacturing cycle of its products, from raw material to distribution and has multiplied its exports in America and Europe.

To ensure the fastest and most agile supply, it will open in 2022 the largest supply and storage center in the spare parts industry in Poland. This storage center adds value and commercial opportunity to the two production centers that the company has in Navarra and Chennai (India).

“A revolution for the supply of parts,” said Mikel Azcárate, leader of the company, which was founded 50 years ago.

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The Spanish industry occupies the fourth European position as a producer of automotive components and SEINSA Corporation is already a world reference with efficient and automated production plants. The company exports 98 percent of its products to 85 brands in 85 countries.

The sector demands “an innovative product, of proximity and that reaches the customer as quickly as possible, but with the same quality standards,” said Azcárate.

The implementation of this new logistics center in Poland is a competitive advantage and makes SEINSA the fastest respondent in the sector because the days of service are shortened: from a delay of seven days, the product is added in 24 hours – 48 hours.  By shortening this time there is an increase in business volume and sales rise, but also customers increase their profitability, that is, “we all win.”

Despite the forecasts of the sector, SEINSA has managed to triple exports to the U.S. and Mexico, closing 2021 above €32 million, with the aim of reaching 40 million in 2022.

European model based on people

SEINSA Corporation has an expansion plan to grow by 40 percent during the next three years, multiplying its annual sales volume, which reached €30 million in 2020, despite and against the forecasts of the automotive sector in general. Some 98 percent of the Navarrese company’s sales correspond to exports.

The company has established itself as a pioneer in Spain in the development of the European model of business excellence and makes its anti-crisis management methodology available to the entire automotive sector.

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In 2002, it won the European EFQM award for quality management and in 2005 it opened a factory in Chennai (India), which has allowed it to enter other markets, mainly in the USA.

In 2020 SEINSA becomes one of the most innovative companies recognized by INNOBASQUE.

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