SEINSA Committed to Female Leadership

Source: SEINSA announcement

Madrid – More than half – 56 percent — of SEINSA workers in Navarra are women, making it one of the major employers of women in the Spanish and European industrial sectors.

Despite industrial advances, it remains a masculinized sector and where women occupy very few leadership positions. In the case of the Navarrese company, a national benchmark in the integration of women in the industrial sector, 29 percent of management positions are occupied by women, 45 percent occupy middle manager roles and 60 percent direct positions that involve responsibility for shifts.

The SEINSA Group, a European leader in the manufacture of brake, transmission, steering and suspension system products, has a 47-percent female representation: 57 percent at the Eugi and Egües plants; 24 percent at Seinsa India – due to the idiosyncrasy of this Asian country – and in JOYCAR, a workshop specialized in the manufacture and construction of molds,  women represent eight percent.

“Success is achieved thanks to the balance and integration of women in the business network, letting female talent escape would have a huge impact on SEINSA’s income statement,” said Mikel Azcárate, Director of Strategic Development and New Business.

The industrial sector is a field with little female immersion, 24.6 percent of the Spanish industrial segment is female, while in the European Union as a whole the percentage of women in industry stands at 28.3 percent, as reflected in the data of the Active Population Survey (EPA).

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