See Tesla’s System Work To Brake For Pedestrians and Cyclists

FREMONT, CA–Tesla has unveiled a new update to its braking system, promising it will reduce accidents. 

The electric car maker made several improvements to its automated emergency braking (AEB), including emergency lane departure avoidance and the prevention of drifting into a roadside cliff, among others.

But perhaps the most noteworthy new upgrade, which will be available on all models, is the system’s smart detection of humans. “Tesla engineers leverage the data and capabilities of Autopilot to make accident-avoidance a reality,” the company announced in a tweet this week.

Check out the videos here

Tesla’s mission to prevent collision with humans comes at a time when the death toll among cyclists is increasing at an alarming rate. According to data by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), biking fatalities are at the highest they’ve been since the 1990s, mainly due to speeding vehicles and careless driving.

With more carmakers attempting to develop braking technology to add to their vehicles, experts hope for a reduction in human fatalities.

The positive new features could help the company and its CEO Elon Musk boost its currently tarnished image. Tesla is currently facing major financial pressure from Wall Street as it tries to fulfill manufacturing goals Musk promised this year.


David Kiley
David Kiley

David Kiley is Chief of Content for The BRAKE Report. Kiley is an award-winning business journalist and author, having covered the auto industry for USA Today, Businessweek, AOL/Huffington Post, as well as written articles for Automobile and Popular Mechanics.