rimsa Names Daniel Carbajo New CEO

BARCELONA – rimsa introduced its new chief-executive officer, Daniel Carbajo in both a Linkedin post and a post on its website. In addition, the website post (reprinted here) included a series of questions-and-answers from the new CEO about his vision for the company.

We present Daniel Carbajo, the new CEO of rimsa, who after 20 years working in the company has shown great ability to lead teams and make difficult decisions that have helped carry out the growth of the company.

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Our founder, who assumes the position of president of the company, Manuel Carbajo, fully trusts that Daniel, together with his team, will promote the development of the company towards our new identity: an SME specialized in turning innovative ideas into business opportunities in the form of high value-added materials and raw materials to act as friction modifiers, discontinuous reinforcement, and green energy generation and storage technologies.

One of the biggest challenges for the company is to keep up with market changes and significantly improve our efficiency and digital transformation. Daniel, with his experience in the industry and his focus on innovation, is poised to lead rimsa towards a prosperous and sustainable future.

We wanted to know first-hand Daniel’s vision for this new stage and share it with you.

1. What are the current objectives of the company? 

Diversification is our main goal as a company right now. We seek to expand our presence in other markets with new products. In this way, we are open to creating new synergies with strategic partners that help us achieve the development of innovative ideas.

2. What is the greatest strength of the company?

rimsa’s trajectory is one of our strongest points, turning the 35 years of experience we have obtained into a sign of confidence for our clients.

This would not be possible without the consolidation of a team that has been becoming more professional in recent years. Its capacity for innovation, experience and flexibility allow us to face present and future challenges for diversification in the new markets that we are looking for and thus be half a step ahead.

3. What development prospects does the company have?

Without a doubt, the world is constantly changing and evolving, and this includes industrial markets. In order to be able to integrate and give value to the ecosystem that surrounds us in this new stage, we must adapt to emerging technologies, create strategic relationships and enter into a greater globalization process.

4. What company projects are fascinating to you right now?

Innovamat is our first joint venture, created in collaboration with the Italian company Quartz. For us, it is a success story, as it is allowing us to streamline all product development for existing markets and diversify into new ones. Likewise, it has also meant an expansion in the team, with highly qualified profiles to take on this new challenge.

5. Where do you see the company in five years?

Being specialists, and continuing to obtain in-depth knowledge, which makes us benchmarks in all the sectors that we decide to explore as a company; is our main goal for the next five years.

The company will continue working to maintain the same reputation that we have been building in these 35 years of experience in our core sectors.

The rimsa team wishes Daniel all the success in the world in this new stage in charge of the company and to continue working under the motto “people rethinking solutions”.

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