Research Shows Hardware Should Be Replaced with Every Brake Job

Lima, OH, May 14, 2018 – Independent research shows that brake hardware, which is currently only replaced on 20% of brake jobs, should be changed on every brake job in order to avoid unwanted noise and uneven wear on the newly installed pads. Carlson Quality Brake Parts, the industry’s leading brake hardware supplier, has created new online training resources on their website to help educate the market on this important information.

Consumer Insights, Inc., an independent research firm based on Troy, Michigan, conducted a study in May 2015 through an online survey of trade personnel and consumers. The study determined that only 20% of people receiving new brake pads routinely replace their brake hardware, but that 80% of people getting brake jobs would replace the hardware if it was recommended by their technician. Replacing the hardware at the time of the brake job is a relatively small add-on cost compared to the overall job.

A separate study, conducted in January 2016 by an independent lab in Sweden, tested the wear on brake hardware after 35,000 miles of use on a 2014 GMC Sierra and Chevy Tahoe and determined that even at the first brake job for the vehicle, 100% of the used brake clips tested were outside of OEM tolerances and would not perform as intended. Leaving the used hardware on the vehicle resulted in additional noise and uneven pad wear, reducing the life of the newly installed pads.

Given this evidence proving the importance of replacing brake hardware with every brake job, Carlson Quality Brake Hardware, the industry’s leading brake hardware supplier, has developed a series of training materials and short videos to help educate the market. Included in the materials are entertaining testimonials from third-party experts in the industry, including YouTube influencers, editors of top trade magazines and race car drivers. The materials are available on Carlson’s newly designed website,

“There was a lack of training materials available for our customers, so we created online resources to make it easy to share why it’s important to replace brake hardware with every job,” said Paul Johnson, president of International Brake Industries, Carlson’s parent company. “A complete brake job includes changing the hardware. When technicians and counter persons suggest this minimal add-on sale, they are putting safety and performance first and helping customers protect their investment in new pads.”

Carlson’s new site is online now at

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