Ram Claims 2019 Heavy Duty’s Active Braking Will Work with 35,000 Pounds in Tow

During the truck’s official debut Monday, Ram had some additional claims. Ram said the new Heavy Duty would have some of the major safety features we’re used to in new vehicles—adaptive cruise control with full stop, forward-collision warning and automatic emergency braking—and that those safety and braking features would work with a full 35,000 pounds in tow.

Ram didn’t show any tests or footage of the features working with a trailer on the truck during the debut, but if auto braking does work with 35,000 pounds hooked onto the back, that means the new Heavy Duty has quite the heavy foot if the driver gets themselves into a bad situation. Two people who worked on the truck, Rod Romain and Troy Davis, told our David Tracy at the show that the new Heavy Duty will actually activate the exhaust brake if necessary to slow the truck down while adaptive cruise control is on.

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