PureForge Rolls Out Atomic-Forged Brake Rotors to the Commercial Fleet Market at WTS18

PureForge utilizes a proprietary and patented nano-­surface technology called the Atomic-Forged® process. This process embeds deep into the rotor surface an ultra wear resistant molecular structure. It promotes the adherent friction action of the pad on the rotor rather than the abrasive friction that is normally seen in braking systems. This results in three significant improvements of standard OEM rotors.

First, the rotors experience significantly less wear when used with PureForge® approved brake pads, thus dramatically reduce the total number of rotor replacements over the lifetime of the vehicle. The company guarantees these long-life rotors with the industry’s best-­in-­class, 5 year / 200,000 mile warranty. Peter Filip, PHD, Director Center for Advanced Friction Studies SIU Carbondale stated, “PF Rotors are very unique and better than the competition, in my last 15 years honestly I haven’t seen a rotor which perform exceptional wear resistance and frictional stability.”

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