PureForge Brakes for Life™ TECHNOLOGY

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Source: PureForge announcement

PONTIAC, Mich. — From PureForge technology arrives a new product designed to address the high costs of brake repair and maintenance.

The cost savings product Brakes for Life™ incorporates Atomic-Forged® and Physical Vapor Deposition (“PVD”) technology that addresses many of the standard automotive industry issues related to the high frequency of brake replacement leading to a lower vehicle lifetime maintenance cost.

Of particular interest for this technology will be high use (start and frequent stops) clients such as service/delivery fleets, delivery trucks, and mail carriers, etc. In each case, these fleets have the potential of hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual savings resulting in more up time on road for deliveries which eliminates frequent replacement of components.

The additional benefits of the Brakes for Life™ PureForge® technology may include:

The potential to save lives with superior braking performance is validated through independent testing and evaluation through Link Engineering.

Direct vehicle lifecycle maintenance savings to all customers by reducing frequency of brake-related costs per mile driven.

Keeps a fleet vehicle on the road longer between service intervals, driving higher utilization models for businesses; and

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Reduces potentially carcinogenic brake dust emissions and protects the planet by reducing landfill volume.

Intellectual Property Portfolio

PureForge® currently has a total of 34 issued patents with an additional eight pending applications plus two more in the process, giving the company a very robust, enforceable, and defensible patent portfolio. Nathan Meckel is continuously working on innovations and patents as well as a portfolio of additional product applications.

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