Proactive Safety™ Debuts at IAA Munich

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Source: Luminar Technologies announcement

MUNICH — Luminar Technologies, Inc (Nasdaq: LAZR) will premier its Proactive Safety™ system in on-road demos for European automakers at the IAA Mobility Summit September 7–12.

The company also announced an expansion of its customer ecosystem through two new integration partnerships with Tier 1 global automotive suppliers, Webasto and Inalfa.

“Launching Proactive Safety™ will spark the next revolution of automotive technology and safety,” said Austin Russell, Luminar Founder and CEO. “Our automotive integration is only accelerating with the launch of two new global Tier 1 partnerships, focusing on seamless design for OEMs.”

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Proactive Safety™

In a 2020 study conducted by AAA, automotive researchers found that over the course of 4,000 miles of real-world driving, vehicles equipped with active driving assistance systems (ADAS) experienced some type of issue every eight miles, on average. So, while ADAS was a step in the right direction, today’s systems are imperfect and unreliable, which is at odds with the promise of automotive safety.

Building on the strengths of its automotive-grade Iris lidar, Luminar is developing an integrated hardware and software solution that enables Proactive Safety™, which surpasses traditional ADAS capabilities because it provides the vehicle with higher-confidence detection, faster and farther than camera and radar, enabling proactive collision avoidance at much higher speeds. Proactive Safety™ has the potential to make consumer vehicles uncrashable without having to remove the human driver from the equation.

Announcing New Global Tier 1 Automotive Customer Partnerships

The shift towards vehicles that are increasingly automated presents new challenges for automakers, particularly in the design integration of the sensor suite into consumer vehicles, which is why experts like Webasto and Inalfa are key industry allies on Luminar’s mission to standardize a comprehensive Lidar-based autonomous system solution on all consumer vehicles.

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The companies will offer roof integration design solutions to automakers with Luminar seamlessly integrated, paving the way to enable autonomous production vehicles as the technology becomes standardized.

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