Powersports Targeted by LIQUI MOLY

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Source: LIQUI MOLY announcement

ULM, Germany — The oil and additive specialist LIQUI MOLY targets its investments in powersports.

“Compared to our automotive core business, this is a small but also rapidly growing market,” said Sebastian Zelger, CEO of LIQUI MOLY USA/Canada. “It is also a very technologically oriented and quality-conscious market, which appeals to us.”

The world of motorsports demands first-class performance, and this also applies to the material used. The material is subjected to extreme loads and stress but must also function reliably.

“Anyone content with mediocrity has already lost in this sport,” said Zelger. “That’s why we want to help drivers win by providing them with top-class quality.” LIQUI MOLY not only offers motor oils and additives, but also a comprehensive range of chemicals, all from a single source and all compatible with each other.

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LIQUI MOLY can look back on many years of experience in motorsports, including Formula 1, MotoGP, TransAm and IMSA. This experience is incorporated into the products. LIQUI MOLY also develops products specifically for powersports.

For example, it offers one particular oil for personal watercrafts (PWC), a special racing oil for snowmobiles and an oil tailored to snowbikes. LIQUI MOLY also offers shooters, a separate line of additives designed especially for powersports. The shooters are tailored to the needs of small, high-performance combustion engines and help restore them to their original performance.

The rest of the product range is also very useful for ambitious drivers. LIQUI MOLY Cera Tec is not only a very effective oil additive that reduces friction in the engine so that it can deliver more power. It also protects the engine from wear and reduces the risk of engine damage even in the event of oil loss.

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In addition to the product range, which includes brake fluid, LIQUI MOLY is also expanding its services for powersports. LIQUI MOLY now has three employees who are specifically responsible for this segment.

Mike Geylin
Mike Geylin

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