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PENSACOLOA, Fla. – Stephen Nasse was disqualified at 5 Flags Speedway for an illegal part in the brake system after finishing first Monday in the Snowball Derby here and accused PFC Brakes for tipping off inspectors.

In the post-race technical inspection Nasse was disqualified for “titanium brake caps over the pistons in the calipers.”

After the ruling, Nasse noted that the technical inspectors were tipped about something on the car. The officials apparently went right for the brake system.

“We left PFC brakes because they weren’t willing to help us and were playing favorites. The first thing tech asked us to do is remove the brakes because they had a “tip” for their major supporter at PFC Brakes, Chris Dilbeck,” Nasse said after the race.

The rulebook does clearly state no titanium parts, twice.

Nasse continued to respond to twitter messages, “Yeah man that 15-year-old technology you’re talking about really helped me… what’s sad is one single manufacturer is trying to take over that part of the sport kinda like what you deal with on your big nascrap stuff.”

“The whole point here is there has to be a better system. People make mistakes, manufacturers make mistakes, the sport is evolving, everyone is trying to find something better then the next.”

“If it’s an infraction that does not affect the outcome of the race… give a fine not DQ,” Nasse explained.

PFC Brakes on Snowball Derby disqualification

Soon after the race, PFC Brakes issues a statement regarding the claims above.

“First and Foremost, PFC Brakes is 100 percent committed to the success of our customers by manufacturing industry leading products, unmatched customer support and technical expertise, PFC Brakes opened in a statement.

“PFC Brakes is also heavily committed to the growth of circle track racing in North America and that does include supporting, the Southern Super Series and the Snowball Derby.

“Last nights technical disqualification, was and is unfortunate for everyone in the sport. PFC Brakes, in no way shape or form was involved with the discovery during the technical inspection and has nothing to gain from the unfortunate disqualification.”

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