Peugeot to Look into TCR Brake Failure

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Source: The following is excerpted from a post on reported by Daniel Herrero about the Peugeot brake failure during a recent race in Australia.

PERTH – Peugeot is set to look into how Jason Bargwanna’s spectacular brake rotor failure at Symmons Plains occurred.

The left-front rotor on Bargwanna’s 308 exploded on the final lap of Round 1 of the Supercheap Auto TCR Australia Series, which caused him to spear into the Renault of James Moffat at the end of the back straight.

Garry Rogers Motorsport fields both of those entries and has already been in communication with Peugeot about the issue, which took place at a circuit known for being tough on brakes.

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“We’ve had a bit of backwards-and-forwards with the people from Peugeot overnight,” Team Director Barry Rogers told

“Look, it could be a number of things. There’s two brands of pads that they recommend you run, and one of them was the brand that we used, but looking at it, the other brand might have been the pick at Symmons, they’re thinking.

“They want us to remove the right-hand rotor and send that off for analysis and have a look at it.

“We’re not really sure whether it was brake pad-related on the rotor or it was bias-related. The driver can adjust [bias], of course, so whether that had an impact on it…

“They’ve never experienced that ever. It’s not the sort of one-off thing you do want to see, but there’s certainly no history of it, so obviously there’d be a fair bit of homework to try and come to a conclusion as to why it did happen.”

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“Moff’s got a reasonable sized bruise on his arm, he’s a bit tender, and same for Bargs,” explained Rogers.

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