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Bendix advises careful inspection of foundation brake components after a flood

Bendix Advice for Post Flood Actions

Source: Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems announcement AVON, Ohio –The devastating floods in Florida resulting from Hurricane Ian will require massive relief and rebuilding efforts – many of which depend on the trucking industry and thousands of truck drivers. For commercial…

A study shows rail regenerative braking can battle climate change and CO2

Rail Regen Braking Can Fight Climate Change

SHEFFIELD, U.K. — A report on recent research published on The University of Sheffield website indicates modification of rail cars, including expanded use of regenerative braking systems, could provide a significant weapon in the fight against negative climate change. The…

Brake friction may have a significant impact on Global Warming

Global Warming Impacted by Brake Friction

Research into the environmental impact of brakes has been concentrating on particulate emissions – brake dust – and how this affects air quality. A post on, “Rubbing Earth the Wrong Way,’ takes a look at another impact braking might…