Open Source Mobility Hackathon Challenge from ZF

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Source: ZF announcement

FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany/LAS VEGAS — Mobility is a basic part of our lives – and one in that is currently in the midst of an accelerated and intense transformation. Sustainability, decarbonization, electrification, autonomous driving or seamless intermodal mobility are only a few of the challenges that this market is faced with.

To start solving some of these challenges, ZF invites everyone to the global and virtual ZF Open Source Mobility Hackathon 2022 during the Consumer Electronics Show from January 5 to 7, 2022. Participants are to create an idea, a prototype or even a product during this hackathon and get the chance not only to win a prize of $10,000, but also to afterwards implement the solution commercially.

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ZF is looking for individuals, teams, or start-ups willing to design or develop an open source-based solution for future mobility in just 48 hours. Participants can be students, semi-professionals, or professionals.

ZF will present challenges in five different domains:

1. Open source and hardware

Mobility needs hardware and associated software. Could there be a new way of using Open source in that domain?

2. Open source and security in the car

What about the necessary security of our future mobility? Are autonomous cars safe enough or do we need new architectures or applications to avoid breakdowns?

3. Open source data platform

A next generation mobility will generate vast amounts of data. How can we use this date to provide better mobility solutions?

4. Open source for intermodal city mobility networks

Each vehicle in the new mobility will be connected to mobility networks. But how can they exchange data – and how can we ensure that all mobility providers understand each other?

5. Crypto currencies and blockchain technologies in the automotive sector

Is there a business model within the mobility space for technologies like non-fungible tokens (NFTs), blockchain or any new crypto currencies?

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These topics are first proposals and may be subject of change until the official start of the hackathon.

For further information and to view the entire announcement, click HERE.

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