NUCAP Launches New Website –

The homepage has an interactive image of the industry’s first corrosion proof galvanized backing plates/shims/hardware that shows the real-life deterioration associated with inferior product exposed to the braking environment as you slide the image across.

“With an increased movement towards NRS based brake pads, our licensees and customers all asked for a central interactive destination they could point their customers to,” said Walsh McPherson, Marketing Manager of NUCAP. “The critical input from all who utilize the NRS technology has been incredible. This website is for everyone in the industry wanting to move forward with technology, and in a way, this website is also created by them.”

About NRS mechanical attachment technology

NRS™ is a process for the surface modification of disc brake backing plates, adding a consistent matrix of raised steel hooks that facilitate a mechanical bond between disc brake plate and friction materials. The NRS™ hooks, along with other mechanical attachment technologies are leading the way to provide bonding while exceeding industry requirements for heat, shear and environmental delamination protection. These mechanical attachment technologies enable us to use galvanized steel capable of standing up to the challenging elements in the braking environment resulting in a backing plate that fully answers the corrosion problem facing automotive braking today.

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