NUCAP and Rotho Blass to Bring NRS Galvanized Brake Technology to Timber Construction Industry

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Source: NUCAP announcement

TORONTO – NUCAP Industries Inc. will supply Rotho Blaas SRL with GripMetal™ technology for incorporation in some of its products for the timber construction industry.

GripMetal™ is a disruptive surface modification technology that improves the performance of metals in a variety of applications and in industries as diverse as construction, automotive, aerospace, electronics and heat transfer. 

The first successful application for GripMetal™ technology was in automotive brake pads.  Sold under the NRS brand, GripMetal™ technology increases the bond strength of the friction to the steel backing plate and eliminates the need for traditional adhesives, resulting in improved safety and double the product life. 

Continuous testing and validation by top global automotive brands has resulted in more than a billion brake pads utilizing NRS technology during the past 20 years.

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Rotho Blaas, of Bolzano, Italy, is a global leader in products related to Timber Construction. 

After a year of development, Rotho Blaas has just launched several products that incorporate GripMetal™ technology. 

These products will be marketed by Rotho Blaas on a global basis under their SHARP METAL™ brand for the Timber Construction Industry.

The companies are confident that these products are just a start for a full product range that will encompass GripMetal™ technology. 

SHARP METAL™ Products are designed to improve the stiffness of timber structures and the strength of connections.  The result will be taller, more efficient, and more creative timber structures.

Rotho Blaas is pursuing code approval (ETA & ICC) with the University of Innsbruck to make the product widely accessible.

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NUCAP is a global leader in brake safety and innovation. A privately-owned company founded in August of 1994, NUCAP takes pride in bringing the market innovations for product performance and manufacturing efficiencies. As experts in cold form stamping for vehicle brake system components, it can evaluate and improve current products to enhance safety, durability, performance, quality and cost. NUCAP works with both original equipment and aftermarket companies in the aviation, automotive, commercial vehicle, industrial, motorcycle and rail markets.

Mike Geylin
Mike Geylin

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