NRS Brakes “Sister” Company Products can Help Protect Healthcare Workers

Source: Auto Service World post

TORONTO – SpiderTech, a sister company of Canadian brake manufacturer NRS Brakes, has adapted its line of kinesiology tape to protect healthcare workers, who have been thrust into extremely difficult working conditions.

In addition to the emotional and physical stress, the risk of contagion forces them to wear medical masks for prolonged periods of time, leading to skin irritation and uncomfortable abrasions.

SpiderTech, with manufacturing in Toronto, Ont., worked with health care professionals to find a way to protect skin using the company’s Gentle Mini i-STRIPS. The strips not only protect the skin under the mask and goggles but help create a tighter seal.

And when face masks are in short supply, the kinesiology tape can be used to DIY  a comfortable and functional face mask.

The Canadian government has opened discussions with manufacturers on how they can step in to fill critical shortages of medical supplies needed to fight the coronavirus, including the possibility of switching over their production lines from goods such as auto parts.

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