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NRS BRAKES – Galvanized Brake Pads From NUCAP

Your car’s braking system is composed of various mechanical parts that work in tandem to bring your vehicle to a halt. Ultimately, friction material presses against the rotor of your wheel and your car stops. This friction material is attached to a steel part known as a backing plate. Friction material and steel backing plates are attached in one of two ways, either through adhesives which can breakdown or through mechanical attachment such as NRS ™.

The harsh braking climate can lead to brake pad failure as a result of separation between friction material and the backing plate. This can result from adhesive breakdown which leads to a complete separation between friction material and braking plate. Inferior steel can also lead to brake pad failure, highlighting the importance of using steel which is either pickled and oiled or galvanized.

Equally important to attachment, backing plates should fit and function within the brake caliper. NRS backing plates meet this requirement.

About NRS

NRS ™ is a process for the surface modification of disc brake backing plates, adding a consistent matrix of raised steel hooks that facilitate a mechanical bond between disc brake plate and friction materials.

The NRS ™ hooks provide mechanical bonding while exceeding industry requirements for heat, shear and environmental delamination protection. This attachment technology enables us to use galvanized steel capable of standing up to the challenging elements in the braking environment resulting in a backing plate that fully answers the corrosion problem facing automotive braking today.

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