Neotek Announces a Pair of Promotions

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Source: Neotek Corporation announcement

MEMPHIS – Neotek Corporation recently announced a pair of executive promotions at the brake-rotor and brake-drum manufacturer located in Memphis.

Bradley Norwood, currently Sr. Product Manager has been promoted to Director of National Accounts. Norwood has emerged as a valuable leader for the organization with his dedication, reliability, and customer focused mindset.

His general automotive, vehicle, and product knowledge has contributed to the success of many internal and customer-focused initiatives that have led to sales growth. In his new role, Norwood will be more closely involved in developing global sales and marketing plans, with continued focus on providing world class customer service for all our clients.

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Nicholas Branson, currently Supply Chain Analyst has been promoted to Supply Chain Manager. Branson’s continued focus on consistent communication and collaborative planning has improved inventory productivity for Neotek and its customers.

His initiative to utilize multiple sourcing strategies across several product lines has resulted in a more cohesive forecasting and inventory management process for our global teams. Branson will continue to lead the global forecasting and inventory management efforts while assuming a more active role in logistics and transportation management decisions for continued efficiency improvements and customer satisfaction.

About Neotek Corporation

Neotek has for 30 years been a world leading manufacturer and distributor of brake rotors and drums for both original-equipment and the automotive aftermarket. Neotek’s award winning factories set the highest quality standard for quality and expertise for the brake steel industry.

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Neotek’s factories are fully vertical with the highest quality processes. In-house tooling development – casting and foundry – machining – cleaning – coating – packaging – Neotek owns it all!

In addition to its world-class manufacturing, the company collaborates with customers to offer the highest level of support in supply chain, category and inventory management, and marketing/sales support. Neotek considers itself the premiere partner in the brake steel industry!

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