Navarre Leaders Recognize Seinsa’s Innovative Talent

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Source: SEINSA Corporation announcement

PAMPLONA, Spain — María Chivite, president of the Community of Navarra, Mikel Irujo, Minister of Economic and Business Development, and representatives of the automotive industry participated in the tribute to the Navarrese company SEINSA Corporation, for achieving its 50-year achievement of becoming a European leader in the spare parts sector.

The manufacturer of brake, transmission, steering and suspension system products can be found in 85 countries and serves all automotive brands.

Both the president and the counselor valued their “innovative leadership” in the industrial sector, an asset that accounts for 33 percent of the GDP of the Autonomous Community. The firm SEINSA is already a case study of Made in Navarra.

“What is 50 years innovating? It is leadership based on emotions rather than reasons, it is empathy and the promotion of relationships from person to person,” said Mikel Azcárate, CEO of SEINSA.

The firm explains that these have been some of its keys to growth and what has allowed them to conquer the automotive parts replacement sector around the world and become European leaders. 

“The development of creative and innovative talent is SEINSA’s strategic lever for the generation of competitive advantages,” said José Antonio Espinosa, Managing Director.

The company has gained efficiency by taking care of the emotional health, the motivation of its 300 workers and promoting female leadership, both in the plants in Navarra and in India.

SEINSA Corporation has launched a new Strategic Development and New Business department that aims to rethink the company with an anticipatory vision of the long term, which represents a new disruptive transformational loop for SEINSA.

Seinsa Corporation

SEINSA is a leader in the manufacture of products for brake, suspension, steering and transmission systems for the world’s leading manufacturers. José Antonio Azcarate founded the company in 1972, as a response to the employment crisis caused by the construction of the Eugi reservoir and in just eight years the first factory was already leading the market in Spain.

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Half a century later, his sons Mikel and Ander Azcárate run the Seinsa Corporation Group, which has two production plants and a specialized workshop in Navarre, a factory in India (Chennai) inaugurated in 2005 and in the growth phase, mainly to supply the American market, as well as a logistics warehouse in Poland.

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