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Motorist Assurance Program Hosts Free Brake Safety Awareness Month Inspections

MAPParticipating MAP member service facilities are hosting free brake safety inspections during Brake Safety Awareness Month across the country to help teach local drivers about proper brake system safety and maintenance.

Drivers can take advantage of free brake safety awareness inspections at Participating MAP Facilities in their area throughout the month of August.  The free brake safety awareness inspections will offer motorists a free check of the thickness of their brake pads and linings, plus an opportunity to learn proper brake system care and vehicle maintenance.

Industry research shows most drivers do not know enough about proper brake system care.  This free brake care event will help drivers become more aware of the importance of checking their brakes.

“We welcome all drivers to come and learn firsthand about proper brake system and vehicle care,” Joe Henmueller, Motorist Assurance Program (MAP) President said.  “And, August is a perfect time to have your car’s brakes inspected.  In a few weeks, the back-to-school driving routine begins.  Soon, Mom & Dad are either shuttling students with full schedules, or maybe sending their teenager off to college in an older family vehicle.  Then, before you realize it, the holidays and winter are lurking around the corner.  Checking brake condition and ensuring brake safety NOW offers peace of mind.”

To find a Participating MAP Facility in your area, please visit .

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