Moto Stuff Releases Billet Brake Caliper Kit

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Hillsboro, Ore. – Moto Stuff, trick stuff for the greatest dirt bikes on earth, is introducing its second-generation Moto Stuff Works Edition billet one-piece brake caliper.

The caliper is 20-percent lighter than the stock cast-aluminum Nissin calipers found on Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha motocross bikes. The new billet-construction design is a replica of the Works Nissin part utilized by top factory team bikes, such as Ken Roczen’s Honda CRF450R and Eli Tomac’s KX450F, all GEICO bikes, etc. The only difference is that the Moto Stuff design is compatible with stock the caliper brackets and fork lug spacing.

Key Features and Benefits:

1.) The world’s only aftermarket differential bore caliper (two different piston sizes) for modern motocross bikes. The differential bore design uses a 27mm piston on the leading edge and a larger 30mm piston on the trailing edge. This design eliminates the uneven pinching effect (uneven force distribution) that naturally occurs whenever you apply a clamping force to a rotating component. The balanced force dispersion provides lower operating temps, reduced brake fade, reduced wear and most importantly more controllable and consistent modulation and power. As the surface of the rotor heats up, the clamping force of the pistons has to be increased to avoid brake fade.

2.) Billet one-piece body with massive bridge structures reduces flex by 28 percent, which improves consistency and response at the lever. Providing more controllable stopping power with less effort and helps reduce arm pump and rider fatigue.

3.) Moto Stuff has incorporated a new piston seal design that provides a pull-back feature which pulls the pistons .020″ – .030″ away from the pads slightly after each brake application, eliminating rotor drag.

The Moto Stuff Billet 1-Piece Caliper is available for most modern (2004-2020) Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha motocross bikes (including two-strokes), and it compliments the Moto Stuff Blade Braking System. The Moto Stuff Works Edition caliper is ready to bolt on and equipped with premium components including stainless-steel sliding pin, billet banjo bolt, billet bleeder cap, and AP Racing pads.

Made in the USA, the new caliper is available in burnt bronze Cerakote or natural machined finish, you can also choose between red or blue banjo bolts and bleeder caps. A one-year warranty on materials and workmanship is included with purchase.

What’s included in the Works Edition Billet Brake Caliper Kit:

  • One-piece 7025 billet alloy housing body
  • Two lightweight 7076 alloy pistons (27mm leading edge and 30mm trailing edge)
  • Trick lightweight stainless-steel lower slider pin with safety-wire feature
  • Hardened slide post
  • Stainless bleeder screw
  • Billet-aluminum banjo bolt drilled for safety wire (anodized blue or red)
  • Billet-aluminum bleeder cap (anodized blue or red)
  • Stainless-steel pad isolator clip and anti-rattle clips
  • Set of AP Racing pads

There is also an upgrade available to add the optional Ti piston. If you are severely abusive and fast enough to fade your brakes, or you just love really trick stuff, Moto Stuff can build your caliper with their ultra-trick titanium nitride coated titanium castellated pistons. The thermal conductivity of titanium is 10 times lower than aluminum. The castellated crown (semi-circle cutouts milled into the piston crown) provides airflow to the backside of the piston further improving fade resistance.

The Moto Stuff Works Edition billet brake caliper, V2 is available for the following models:

  • 2004-2020* Honda CR/CRF 125-450
  • 2006-2020 Kawasaki KX 250F/450F
  • 2004-2020 Suzuki RM/RMZ 125-450
  • 2002-2020* Yamaha YZ/YZF 125-450

“Like our Blade Baking System, this caliper was developed to give privateers access to previously unattainable factory works parts at an affordable cost,” said Scott Hart, President of Moto Stuff.

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