MEYLE: More Than 25 Years of Truck Parts

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Source: MEYLE announcement excerpt

HAMBURG, Germany – MEYLE truck experts have been taking care of the heavy vehicles on the world’s roads, dealing with quality testing, sales and development of MEYLE truck parts – for more than 25 years now.

25 years of experience in designing truck solutions        

The MEYLE Truck Team has been taking care of the giants of the road for 25 years now, putting its extensive know-how into the development and manufacturing of truck parts. With technically optimized products such as MEYLE-HD coupling rods and tie rod ends for trucks or the further developed MEYLE-PD brake pads, vehicles with MEYLE parts simply stay on the road longer.

In line with the 25th anniversary of MEYLE spare parts for trucks, MEYLE is now adding the MEYLE-ORIGINAL-NOx sensor to its range. This sensor complements the truck electronics range and ensures the best possible performance under extreme loads. The MEYLE ORIGINAL-NOx sensor supports optimum exhaust gas aftertreatment  and thus enables compliance with the strict emission values from Euro 5. Non-compliance may lead to the expiry of the operating licence.

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The MEYLE-ORIGINAL-NOx-Sensor measures the nitrogen oxide (NOx) content of the exhaust gases before and after the so-called SCR-catalyst (Selective Catalytic Reduction). The SCR catalytic converter converts the harmful nitrogen oxides into harmless nitrogen and water by adding the urea solution AdBlue. At the same time, the MEYLE-ORIGINAL-NOx-Sensor enables the optimum dosage of AdBlue by the engine management system and thus an effective reduction of nitrogen oxides which are harmful to the environment and health.

With MEYLE kits such as the MEYLE ORIGINAL multi-ribbed belt kits for trucks, users save time and money. The company tests the quality of the parts under the toughest conditions: the company develops and tests truck parts in cooperation with the FIA ETRC Truck Sport Teams.

FIA ETRC Digital Racing Challenge: Truck Racing at home      

To be able to test and further develop quality and resilience even under extreme conditions, the Hamburg-based manufacturer has been involved in FIA ETRC Truck Racing since 2014. The firm will continue to support the team around MAN driver Sascha Lenz as a technical cooperation partner in the 2020 racing season.

Due to the current situation, sporting competitions were prohibited, so that the starting signal for the ETRC season has been delayed. To shorten the race-free time for motor sport fans worldwide, the European Truck Racing Association has launched the “ETRC Digital Racing Challenge”, an online-based racing series with a total of eight race weekends.

Truck driver Sascha Lenz and his partner MEYLE already had every reason to celebrate in the first races of the digital season the German truck driver finished second and third!

Mike Geylin
Mike Geylin

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