MEYLE Ends TV Series with Segment on Modern Brake Safety

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Source: MEYLE announcement

Hamburg, Germany – The MEYLE mini-series X-Mas Season with MEYLE aired this week with an overview of the company’s innovative brake technology.

The premise of the piece: as a safety-relevant component and one of the most frequently replaced wear parts, brakes serve an especially important function in a vehicle. So, an optimal composition of materials, a perfect fit and responsiveness are critical from the very first instance of braking.

To offer perfectly matched brake components for as many different vehicles as possible, the company strengthened its range of high-performance and reliable brake components and in 2020 launched 140 new brake discs and 100 new brake pads – a large proportion of them in high-performance MEYLE-PD quality. And it continues: in 2021 MEYLE further strengthens the brake portfolio with reliable MEYLE ORIGINAL and performance-oriented MEYLE-PD parts for the latest vehicles.

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The Hamburg-based manufacturer explains in its latest video on MEYLE TV what makes the company’s brake components so special.


When expanding the range, the company focuses on market and customer requirements in order to ensure wide coverage and availability for as many models as possible. Based on customer requirements with a focus on athletic driving and braking, the new MEYLE-PD brake pad references were developed for modern and performance-oriented vehicles such as the new BMW X7 (G07), the new Citroën Berlingo III and the Audi Q3 (F3).

The company offers some of the brake disc references as high-carbon MEYLE-PD brake discs. Most notably, a special (high carbon) process referred to as ‘carburization’ is used to increase the carbon content of the cast iron, the material of the brake disc, which helps avoid heat distortion and the associated vibrations for particularly stressed or sensitive braking systems.

MEYLE-PD brake pads for passenger cars are ideal especially for performance-oriented drivers: the improved properties of the brake pads increase performance. Thanks to an extremely stable friction coefficient, they are still quiet and enable a particularly short bedding-in time. Their individual friction coating mixture guarantees maximum braking performance and less brake dust.

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The company takes its responsibility as a manufacturer very seriously: Naturally all MEYLE-PD brake pads are tested and certified according to ECE quality standards, hence free of copper and heavy metals and meet the requirements within the scope of global regulations today with the aim to either reduce or completely prohibit residual amounts of copper, heavy metals and asbestos in brake components.

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