Link’s New Brake Emissions Dyno Upgrade

PLYMOUTH, Mich. — LINK’s newly released Brake Emissions Dynamometer Upgrade package allows its customers to utilize their current NVH machines and upgrade them to have emissions testing capabilities that meet the requirements for GRPE-87-40 and beyond.

LINK’s design allows for the upgrade of current equipment to be emissions capable but also to change back to its performance and NVH configuration. This change can be completed quickly, only taking approximately one work shift.

LINK provides a range of capabilities for testing brake emissions on passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and rail applications. Depending on a firm’s testing needs, emissions testing features can be provided to conventional brake dynamometers (performance or NVH), retrofit of existing brake dynamometers, and/or dedicated brake emissions testers.

Link is dedicated to creating customized solutions and are able to provide a product based on its customers’ unique requirements, taking into consideration space limitations, desired capabilities, testing needs, and more.


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