Lawmakers Out To Require Emergency Brake Systems For Commercial Vehicles

WASHINGTON, DC–Lawmakers here have introduced a bill that would require all new commercial vehicles to come equipped with automatic emergency braking systems.

Representatives Jesús García, Hank Johnson, and Matt Cartwright introduced the Safe Roads Act of 2019, also known as H.R. 3773.

The bill would “direct the Secretary of Transportation to prescribe a motor vehicle safety standard requiring new commercial motor vehicles to be equipped with an automatic emergency braking system, to require automatic emergency braking installed in commercial motor vehicles to be used while in operation, and for other purposes.”

The bill was introduced as members of the “Truck Safety Coalition” descended on Washington on Tuesday to push lawmakers for increased safety regulations on commercial vehicles. The Truck Safety Coalition is made up in part of family members who lost loved ones in commercial vehicles crashes.

“Tragically, the simple installation of automatic braking systems on all commercial motor vehicles – a $500 safety feature – might have prevented these deaths and countless others across the country,” said Rep. Johnson. “America’s roads and highways should be safe for all drivers.  Taking full advantage of technologies that are available and proven to anticipate and prevent crashes will save lives.”

Johnson attempted to introduce similar legislation in 2015 without success.

Also at the behest of the Truck Safety Coalition, Reps García and Cartwright introduced the INSURANCE Act, which, if passed, would “ensure minimum insurance requirements for motor carriers are periodically adjusted to the inflation rate of medical costs, as determined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.”

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