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Jawa Motorcycles CEO Explains the Reason behind Drum Brake

The recently launched Jawa bikes in India include the Jawa, Jawa Forty Two and Jawa Perak. Each of these bikes are similar in design to the retro Jawa bikes of the yesteryear. The three bikes are offered in classic color options and come in priced at Rs 1.64 lakhs, Rs 1.55 lakhs and Rs 1.98 lakhs respectively.

In terms of braking, the Jawa bikes get 280mm front disc and 153 rear drum brakes with single channel ABS.

This came as a surprise to many. Bikers wanted a rear disc brake. The inclusion of a rear drum brake instead of a disc brake is explained further by Ashish Joshi, CEO of Classic Legends. He claims that drum brake at the rear will not only offer enhanced braking performance but adds to the aesthetics of the bike. The drum brake is the most important part on the rear wheel. The disc and drum brakes work in tandem for braking force while the way in which the drum brake is fashioned, it look authentic and gives the bikes a retro appeal.


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