J.Juan Brakes Now on Benelli TRK Motorcycles

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Source: J.Juan announcement

BARCELONA – The historic Italian brand Benelli will now equip all its motorcycles with J.Juan’s comprehensive brake systems. The Barcelonese company will now be the stopping power for the TRK 502, TRK 600 and TRK 800 models.

The TKR Benelli range is intended for off-road use, now under the name Adventure. In front, they equipped a double four-piston symmetrical radial caliper and a lightweight 34/30 low friction hard anodized aluminum pistons for optimal SBS brake pad pickup.

The calipers are minimum weight and solid stiffness to contribute to a reduced non-suspended mass. The slim design ensures full compatibility with the spoke wheels of this type of motorcycle.

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It is a uniquely engineered caliper to give optimal performance on very demanding routes. They transmit adequate thermal expansion and safe use with brake pad at 400°C, clamp body at 150°C and brake disc at 600°C.

The caliper is driven by an axial hand master cylinder with a remote reservoir. It features a dead-stroke unit piston adjustment and lever height adjustment that give you maximum smoothness in the drive.

The rear features a one-piston floating caliper for application that includes the same features as the front, but with an internal design giving it the proper adjusted feel for a rear caliper.

It drives a center valve foot master cylinder with an excellent ratio to the shaft, displacement, pusher and fork. The central valve design ensures complete ABS compatibility without seal damage over the life of the product.

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