Tuesday, January 19

J. Juan and Ana Carasco Re-Up For SuperSport 300

DETROIT, Mich.–For the third consecutive year, brake company J. Juan will sponsor the SuperSport 300 World Champion.

J. Juan will sponsor Ana Carrasco for another year. It will be the third season in which the magnificent pilot looks at the Spanish brakes brand on his mono. Ana came to J.Juan in 2016 from the hand of ETG and in just two seasons, first by the hand of the Moncanut / Torra tandem and, later, by the Roda brothers, she became a champion of the SuperSport World. 

In that journey, J.Juan was at her side, with the modesty and affection that characterize the essence of the Barcelona company that has always seen in the Murcia pilot a competitive and human potential overtaking the strictly sport one. In this time, Ana has gone down in history. As Giacomo Agostini, Angel Nieto and Valentino Rossi did, she became great after becoming the first woman to win a motorcycle world championship open to any sex, that is at the end to win a competition dominated by men.

For the 2019 season, J.Juan is back with her, knowing that the challenge is important: compete to enjoy and make an excellent season. As Ana Carrasco says: “It will be difficult to reconfirm the title, but our goal is to compete as best we know.” Tenacity and sacrifice are her strength, as her discipline and her ability to ride to the limit. And J.Juan, who is committed to passion and effort, will be one year more with her on her racing season.

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