ITT Smart Pad Development Tool Unveiled at Eurobrake 2017

At Eurobrake 2017 in Dresden, ITT disclosed to the braking community a brand new brake pad technology concept – the ITT Smart Pad, a unique approach to friction that is designed to empower the entire brake system with real time data.

Sensors embedded in every ITT Smart Pad measure in real-time temperature, torque, drag, vibration, noise and wear, directly feeding into ITT’s development tool to help OEMs and caliper makers shorten the brake system development cycle.

In the future, the ITT Smart Pad could also be able to directly interface with a vehicle’s electronic control unit, offering real-time information on brake performance, and providing drivers (via vehicle CAN BUS), and fleet or service managers (via telematics) with a wealth of data to improve safety, efficiency, environmental sustainability and the driving experience as a whole.

The ITT Smart Pad System is debuting as a development tool for OEMs and Tier 1 companies to work with ITT in the development of advanced brake systems. The future on-board applications of the technology are equally exciting, with the potential to make cars safer, more reliable and more connected.

“ITT Smart Pad’s potential lies in the transformation of the brake pad – which has always been a fundamental but passive component – into an active system,” said Luca Martinotto, Executive Director of R&D for ITT Friction Technologies. “We’re working enthusiastically with our customers to develop a common vision for many diverse applications the technology enables, and we’re excited to see the impact it will help them bring on a variety of different levels.”

As a development tool, some of the applications of the ITT Smart Pad include:

  • Enhanced diagnostics of noise, vibration and harshness
  • Real-time braking torque and pressure data
  • Support for optimization of critical automotive safety systems such as anti-lock braking systems, electronic stability control and autonomous emergency braking
  • Measuring drag in dynamic conditions

The ITT Smart Pad development tool’s official launch will take place in 2018, but a small number of pilot programs have gotten underway recently, and ITT encourages vehicle and brake system makers to get in touch for more information and in-depth discussion.

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