Ineos Grenadiers Move to Disc Brakes

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Source: Ineos Grenadiers announcement

MANCHESTER, U.K., — The Ineos Grenadiers, the last major European bicycle-racing team using rim brakes, moved to Pinarello Dogma F Disc brakes at yesterday’s GP De Denain in France.

After close consultation with the riders, performance team, Pinarello and Shimano this marks the first race in the initial phase of the disc brake roll out for the team.

“We are always looking at ways to improve our kit, technology and bike setup to ensure the riders have the very best options that are available,” said Carsten Jeppesen, Head of Technical Partners. “Our relationship with Pinarello has always been grounded in a love of racing and innovation, and their work on the DOGMA F Disc should enable our riders to race to their maximum.

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“Working closely with Pinarello and Shimano, we will continue to develop the all-round disc package, optimizing weight, the integration across Dura-Ace, and improvements in the quick release system.”

“Pinarello are constantly working to keep our bike at the front of the peloton and their commitment to providing us the very best equipment has been evident across this project. Rider feedback has also been encouraging,” said Director of Racing Rod Ellingworth.

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Added Fausto Pinarello,“I’ve been convinced about disc brakes since I started riding them myself and I’m happy the team is going to race on them in the final part of this season. The INEOS Grenadiers are constantly pushing for excellence in everything they do and we are delighted with the DOGMA F Disc we have developed with the team.”

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