Philippines Distributor Added by Icer Brakes

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Source: The following is an excerpt of a post on Top Gear Philippines.

PAMPLONA, Spain – Brake pad manufacturer Icer Brakes has added AutoPerformance PH to distribute its products in the Philippines.

Icer Brakes was established in 1961 and has grown to become one of the leading independent brake pad manufacturers in Europe.

Operating primarily from facilities in Spain, with its headquarters in Pamplona and its main factory and research & development center in Tudela.

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“We are proud to offer premium quality brakes at affordable prices, directly from Spain,” said Miguel Sancho, Icer Brakes export manager. “We are confident that Autoperformance PH is the perfect partner in the Philippines: A top aftermarket company, now with Icer—a top brake manufacturer with products 100 percent Made in Spain.”

“We believe that the value proposition Icer products offer is something that is lacking in the Philippine market, and we want to make sure all Filipinos can get Icer brake pads for their vehicles quickly and hassle-free,” said Francis Aguila of AutoPerformance PH.

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Icer Brakes will be available in a variety of automotive repair shops across the Philippines. Customers may also purchase online through Icer’s official Lazada store.

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