Hyundai, PUREFORGE Braking Announce JDA

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Source: Pure Forge announcement

PONTIAC, Mich. — Hyundai and PureForge Braking Systems Inc. yesterday announced a joint-development agreement (JDA) to develop innovative products for future generations of Hyundai vehicles with Pure Forge Braking Systems.

“We are enthusiastic about this PureForge partnership to develop innovative products for our lineup of cars, SUVs, and electrified vehicles which support our smart mobility solutions and sustainability efforts,” said Senior Metal Materials Engineer at the Hyundai America Technical Center Inc., Kimberly Richards.

PureForge® Inc. CEO Gordon Heidacker announced that it is moving rapidly to sell and equip future generations of automobiles with the new PureForge® braking technology. This new braking technology has inherent characteristics that make the technology superior to current braking systems.

“We are delighted to announce today this joint development agreement with Hyundai,” said CEO Gordon Heidacker. “The joint agreement allows us to develop and share our technology and its inherent features and benefits to future generations of new products designed and built by our OEM partners at Hyundai.”

PureForge® technology is a 21st Century automotive technology company. The PureForge® technology addresses the high maintenance costs and other advantages associated with routine brake wear and environmental concerns.

PureForge® has innovated an Atomic-Forged® technology process that addresses many of the standard automotive industry issues related to current brake systems. It has the potential to disrupt the global brake industry and build a valued original-equipment manufacturer (OEM), fleet, and aftermarket brand.

The PureForge technology has five main advantages over standard wear braking systems.

  • Superior Braking Performance — It has the potential to save lives with superior braking performance, validated with extensive independent testing and evaluation. (See Link research white paper)
  • Reduced Maintenance expenses — It has the potential to save on customers’ maintenance expenses by reducing brake-related costs per mile driven – savings realized upwards of 50% to 75% over standard wear brakes.

    Keeping fleet vehicles on the road longer between service intervals, driving higher utilization models for businesses
  • Brake Dust Reduction — It can reduce environmentally harmful carcinogenic brake dust emissions.
  • Light-Weighting— because of the superior braking technology, PureForge® can reduce un-sprung weight at the four corners of the vehicle. This light-weighting can also protect the planet by reducing landfill volume.
  • Branding – because of our wear-resistant processes, we can place the logos of the car brand or manufacturer on all brake rotors, providing additional brand recognition.
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