Lawsuit from Owners of Honda Civic CVTs

November 4, 2018 — Problems with Honda Civic CVTs have caused a lawsuit that alleges the cars roll away even though the gear shifters indicate the cars are in PARK.

The Honda Civic proposed class-action lawsuit includes consumers in the U.S. who purchased or leased 2016-2018 Civics equipped with continuously variable transmissions (CVTs).

Plaintiffs Sheryl Tenzyk and Larry Allen claim the CVTs fool drivers into believing the cars are in PARK and are safe to exit. In addition, the Civics fail to automatically activate the electric parking brakes when drivers exit or when the doors are opened.

In 2016, Honda recalled about 350,000 model year 2016 Civics after the automaker found if the “EPB (electric parking brake) isn’t properly set and a parking gear is not selected by the driver, the vehicle could potentially roll away, increasing risk of a crash.”

The plaintiffs are represented by Ahdoot & Wolfson, PC, Greg Coleman Law, and Whitfield, Bryson & Mason LLP. has complaints from drivers of the 2016 Honda Civic, 2017 Civic and 2018 Honda Civic.

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