Friday, January 15

Funky New Honda Bike Patent Has Drum Brakes

DETROIT, Mich–Honda recorded a patent application for a new motorcycle that has, unexpectedly, drum brakes on front and rear, certainly bucking the trend on motorcycle brakes.

One of the brand’s most recent patents, a weird-looking motorcycle that seems to blend a healthy does of modern styling with some proper vintage styling cues, suggests the bike is fitted with a drum brake at the front and at the back.

Drum brakes are the dinosaurs of braking technology. We still find that sort of set up on a handful of modern-day bikes such as the Suzuki Van Van 200 or the Yahama SR400.

Most motorcycles, though, use discs on both wheels. The technology is inherently more efficient and allows for the us of the ABS—something that can’t be connected to a mechanical drum.

Even when a mode is fitted with a drum brake, it’s usually only at the rear wheel—the front one normally equipped with a proper disc and caliper set up. So you can understand our surprise when we found this weird Honda patent detailing the design of a seemingly new model of motorcycle that uses a drum brake on both wheels. This is the type of “return to basics” we don’t fully understand.

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