Hella Pagid Expands For Electric And Hybrid Vehicles

Source: Hella Pagid

Essen, Germany – Hella Pagid, the Essen-based brake system specialist for the independent aftermarket and joint venture of the automotive suppliers TMD Friction and HELLA, offers more than 14,000 brake spare parts for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles as a complete supplier. The company is now planning the future-oriented expansion of its brake fluids product range.

Due to the worldwide increase in new registrations of electric and hybrid vehicles, and the associated increasing demand for special silicon-based brake fluids for precisely these vehicles, Hella Pagid is working on the introduction of a new product – the DOT 5.1 EH.

“By extending the product range with the new product DOT 5.1 EH brake fluid for electric and hybrid vehicles, we are keeping our finger on the pulse of the times, and are introducing the future-oriented and targeted extension to our already broad portfolio of brake fluids to provide DOT 3, through DOT 4, DOT 4 LV, LHM right through to DOT 5.1, enabling us to cover all passenger vehicle types and commercial vehicles”, explained Christian Berlich, Senior Sales & Product Manager at Hella Pagid.

The Hella Pagid DOT 5.1 EH brake fluid is characterized by high dry and wet boiling points of at least 260°C and 180°C respectively, low conductivity, high corrosion protection and a low viscosity of max. 750 cSt at -40°C. Therefore, this brake fluid surpasses almost all current specifications for brake fluids already in use, from DOT 3 right through to DOT 5.1, and is thus optimally equipped to meet the high demands of onboard electronics in today’s electric vehicles.

Due to the regenerative braking technology of modern electric and hybrid vehicles, a part of the braking power of these vehicles is executed predictively by the sensor system and the recuperation of the electric motor. Precisely because of this fact, the brake system must be 100 percent functional, especially when it is needed spontaneously. For this reason, the DOT 5.1 EH brake fluid has increased corrosion protection.

Accelerations without torque loss ensure that electric vehicles reach high speeds within the shortest possible time. Returning to a standstill from these speeds quickly requires a correspondingly high braking performance, which is ensured at all times by the above-average dry and wet boiling points.

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