HELLA Initial CAPA Verification Participant

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Source: Hella announcement

PEACHTREE CITY, Ga. — Global automotive supplier HELLA announced it is the first manufacturer to receive CAPA approval to participate in Tier 1 Replacement Parts Verification Program, which is available to Tier 1 suppliers who also produce an in-house, alternately branded version of car company original (CCO), or car company service (CCS) parts used for automotive repair.

“We are honored to be the first manufacturer to receive CAPA approval in the Tier 1 Replacement Parts Verification Program. We believe that having a CAPA class for original equipment (OE) products that clarifies what the product is for the market is a large step forward,” said Fred Snow, President of HELLA Automotive Sales, Inc., a subsidiary of Faurecia that is responsible aftermarket business for USA and Canada.

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Together, HELLA and Faurecia operate under the overarching umbrella brand FORVIA. With more than 150,000 employees at over 300 locations, FORVIA is the seventh-largest automotive supplier worldwide.

“This allows stakeholders in collision repair to fully understand and trust what is being sold and installed. For an OE supplier who is also heavily involved in the aftermarket, this clarity that it’s OE quality in the box is paramount,” said Snow.

“Historically, Tier 1 replacement parts have lacked clear definitions and been classified as aftermarket parts, making it difficult to determine which parts are truly equivalent to CCOs or CCSs,” said Clark Plucinski, Chairman, CAPA Board of Directors. “The CAPA Tier 1 Verification Program helps clarify these parts by ensuring the same factory, tooling, materials, and manufacturing processes are used during the production of the car company part and the Tier 1 Verified replacement part.”

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HELLA will begin submitting parts to the CAPA Tier 1 Replacement Parts Verification Program to complete the required testing and certification. Verified parts will be announced via CAPA’s weekly updates, and they can be identified by the CAPA Tier 1 Verified label.

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