Haldex Academy Offers Comprehensive EB+ 4.0 Training

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Technicians can now access full certification for Haldex’s new EBS EB+ 4.0 trailer braking system through face-to-face sessions and online learning via the Haldex Academy.

Key Highlights:

  • Modular EB+ 4.0 Platform: Includes the ABS 4.0 system, added in early 2024.
  • Accessible Training: Available through face-to-face sessions, e-learning, and webinars.
  • Comprehensive Content: Covers entire Haldex range and is suitable for all skill levels.
  • Certification: Technicians receive certificates upon course completion.

The Haldex Academy has launched an extensive training program for technicians working with the latest Haldex trailer braking systems, specifically the modular EB+ 4.0 platform. This platform, which now includes the ABS 4.0 system, requires technicians to become proficient in both its hardware and software components.

Technicians can easily access the Haldex Academy by visiting the Haldex website, where a full catalog of available training is listed. The training options include face-to-face sessions that cover not only the EBS EB+ 4.0 but also the entire Haldex range, such as EBS Gen 1-3 at basic or expert levels, U-ABS, and more. In addition to in-person training, the platform also offers e-learning modules and webinars.

Launched in July 2023, the Haldex Academy serves as a comprehensive library of training modules developed over the past three years. These modules cater to various levels of expertise, from beginners to industry leaders seeking the latest innovations. “All a customer has to do is click on ‘all courses’ and then he can see all the training courses available,” says Grégory Guntz, technical sales engineer for Haldex and team leader for technical services in France.

E-learning modules are particularly beneficial for beginners or those needing a refresher on the basics of air braking, trailer braking, and actuators. These modules include video, text, and 3D animations for an immersive learning experience and are available in up to 10 different European languages. “In e-learning, the user can follow the module on their own at their computer,” explains Guntz. “There are questions in between each section to check to see if they have understood the training.”

Webinars offer an interactive experience, blending the benefits of e-learning and face-to-face training. Conducted through a live camera connection, these sessions last between 60 and 90 minutes, featuring PowerPoint presentations and real-time Q&A with trainers.

The gold standard of training, however, is the face-to-face sessions, where Haldex experts visit customer locations to provide in-depth training on complex systems. These sessions, lasting between 8 and 16 hours, ensure technicians gain a thorough understanding. E-learning modules serve as foundational work to maximize the value of these in-person sessions.

Upon completing a course, technicians are awarded a certificate, which dealerships can display to show they are Haldex approved and certified. The academy’s training is not only for Haldex dealers but also benefits vehicle trailer OEMs, students, and fleet technicians.

The Haldex Academy offers competitively priced courses, with special rates available for basic training modules grouped together as the Basic Braking – Training Path. The platform’s success has even led parent company SAF Holland to use it for their training programs. “They were very impressed with the job we did on the platform,” says Guntz.

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