Greenkote Sees Upsurge in Caliper Powder Coating


QUERÉTARO, Mexico – Greenkote PLC reported a notable upsurge in its business coming from auto manufacturers – specifically for applying brightly-colored powder coatings to brake caliper assemblies.

Greenkote provides powder coating services at its facility in Queretaro, Mexico.

“One of the main reasons the car companies are coming to us is because we’ve been able to solve a fundamental problem in the powder coating of brake calipers,” said Jaime Camacho, GM of Greenkote IPC, Mexico. “Powder coating is definitely superior to paint for brake calipers; however, most brake calipers are cast from ductile iron, which can release gases during conventional powder coating processes, creating bubbles and blisters in the finished surface.

“Fortunately, Greenkote has developed a unique process that eliminates the gas-release issue and produces a smooth Class A finish on every caliper – which is what all the major OEMs are looking for.”

“It used to be that colored brake calipers were only seen on very high-end cars or as aftermarket modifications,” Greenkote CEO Mark Gore added. “But bright-colored calipers are becoming a wheel design feature, and major auto manufacturers are now using them on a wide range of models.

“And we’re delighted that Greenkote is receiving a good share of this new business. We’re already coating many hundreds of brake calipers daily, and more orders are on the way. Our key qualifications are being able to deliver both the quality and the volumes that large auto makers require.”

Powder coating applies a thermoset polymer in a range of colors, and it creates a finish that is tougher than liquid paint.

Also, unlike paint, powder coating requires no solvents, which gives it significant ecological advantages. The powder has no hazardous waste, negligible VOCs and no air pollution. It is applied by electrostatic spray, after which the coated part is sent through a cure oven where the powder melts and cross-links to form a hard final film with excellent corrosion and chemical resistance.

The Greenkote IPC operation in Mexico specializes specifically in powder coating and e-coating and serves both regional and international customers. The facility is ISO/TS certified and BOS indicators have been in place since 2005. The Greenkote IPC management system is also fully certified to the ISO 14001 standard.

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