Monday, October 22

Global Brake Safety Council Releases New Technical Bulletin


The Global Brake Safety Council (GBSC) recently announced the release of their newest technical bulletin. This latest study is titled Brake Pad Failure Modes and their Consequences and can be viewed HERE.

As is sometimes the case, there is far more to visible or apparent corrosion than meets the eye. In the case of brakes, red rust on a rotor surface that is visible through your wheel is just the tip of the iceberg. This visible layer of rust may even be easily wiped away by applying the brakes a few times while driving. On the other hand, the effects of that same rust-producing environment on the brake pads (that you cannot see) in the same wheel is advanced corrosion that is progressively deteriorating and rotting with rust, creating separation between the brake friction pad and the brake system.

It has also been observed that a high number of pads are being replaced significantly before the friction lining has been worn to a replacement level.

These concerning observations have together provided the basis to launch a systematic brake-field study described below.

The study also provides an opportunity to share field-use observations related to brake friction pad rust and its direct impact on vehicle safety, so to provide awareness to the industry and consumers.

Download the full release here:


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