Tuesday, January 19

Galfer Launches G1396R Off-Road Compound

GALFER launches the new G1396R brake pads, a new compound for the Off-Road motorcycle competition.

Just launched at EICMA, the new sintered brake pads have been developed and tested on Off-Road races by the best riders of the MXGP and the Enduro World Championship.

The new compound assures a controlled braking while keeping the aggressive braking needed to ride under extreme conditions, and resists the maximum stress without compromising the performance. The new G1396R stands out for the new special ceramic paint coating, which acts as a heat shield reducing heat transfer to the braking system together with the slots on the friction material.

The G1396R brake pads are sold in a new, especially designed package for the GALFER Racing products.

All the users wanting to experience the racing feel wills have the new brake pads available for the latest off-road motorcycles from January, 2019.

We want to thank all GALFER riders of the 2018 season who helped us developing  and testing the new brake pads, among them Kiara Fontanesi, Steve Holcombe, Jason Anderson, Eero Remes, Max Nagl, Henry Jacobi and their mechanics.

Source: Galfer

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