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Fras-le Announces Several Product Updates


Fras-le recently announced several updates to the company’s line of brake product lines.

Brake Discs

Fras-le brake discs now have a cross-hatch pattern that guarantees faster brake pads seating; braking efficiency; an excellent heat dissipation and noise reduction. In addition, it has new packaging, ensuring greater product protection and easy storage and handling.

The portfolio consists of over 900 items including brake discs and drums, available throughout Fras-le distribution network.

Ceramaxx High-Performance Brake Pad

Another great innovation of Fras-le is CERAMAXX brake pads. Its ceramic formulation and attributes make it the premium line of the company designed for passengers cars in the aftermarket, that require original equipment performance.  The Ceramaxx brake pads, which uses high-performance ceramic friction material, composed of noble raw materials, guarantees maximum braking efficiency and sensitivity, lower noise incidence, due to the fact that it has shim and waste reduction on the wheels. Its black painting is another differential, with high corrosion resistance. This premium line has a portfolio that serves over 200 applications in light vehicles and it is already available at

Motorcycle Brake Pads & Shoes

Fras-le has just increased its participation in the motorcycles segment by launching brake pads and shoes for motorcycles up to 300 cc. Initially, the portfolio includes 63 items, with 46 references in brake pads and 17 in brake shoes. To maintain the same international quality standard, it uses a special formulation, which seeks to guarantee less wear and aggressiveness to the disc, which results in braking performance very similar to the original equipment.

The official presentation of these products to the market will take place at the National and International Motorcycle Show, to be held between August 15th and 18th, 2018, in São Paulo. On the same date, it will participate in the National Auto Part, Motorcycles, Accessories, Equipment and Service Show – Autop, which will happen in Ceará, also reinforcing the launch of these items for motorcycles, as well as other Randon Auto Parts products. The expectation is that the new line will gain relevant sales representativeness, reinforcing the company’s product portfolio, anchored in the brand’s already consolidated credibility over more than six decades and in the quality of the products and the aggregate services that are already a reference in the light and heavy lines.

With the slogan “Brake pads and shoes for motorcycles, security and durability guaranteed!” the company developed a communication campaign with a fun touch without losing the seriousness of the subject. The main character is the motorcyclists’ guardian angel saying that they should use Fras-le products on their motorcycles, suggesting him to have a break to rest.

Brazil is the eighth largest motorcycle market in the world and has a fleet of 26 million units with an annual production of over 880 thousand motorcycles, according to data from the Brazilian Association of Manufacturers of Motorcycles, Mopeds, Scooters, Bicycles and Similar (Abraciclo).

New Fras-le & Lonaflex Packaging

Fras-le presents its new brake pads for light vehicles packaging in Fras-le and Lonaflex brands. This change will have gradually effect, following a global strategy

Source: Fras-le

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