For Sale – Equal Pressure Presses & Tooling

Brake company looking to sell equal pressure presses and tooling. Equal pressure molding presses produce top-quality brake pads with incredible consistency used for OEM light vehicles.

Age of Equipment: 5 years

Combination Press – 3 stations are combined together using a hydraulic tank but each can work independently. For example, one station can be shut down for maintenance or tooling switch and it will not affect the other 2 stations that are running. It is a one-piece combination press with 3 working stations, each station has 4 cavities for molding.

  • Seller plans to focus on heavy-duty ADB business and needs to utilize the existing floor space.
  • Tooling cost is much cheaper than other type toolings and is cut by Wire EDM, ordered lots of standardized steel blocks and can cut any passenger car brake pads molds in just 2-3 days.
  • Total tooling of approximately 468 that can apply to 412 D#s.
  • Perfect for any company looking to launch a brake pad manufacturing operation or expand production capabilities.
  • Capable of 400 D# molds right away, Seller has spent approximately 4.5 years developing the molds.  
  • Theoretically, can mold 4 different D#s brake pads on each molding station, a total of 12 molding cavities tooling’s can be run on 3 molding stations at a time.
  • Seller is offering to provide training for machine operation and tooling cutting process. Can assist the buyer to source steel block purchasing. Tooling cost will be below USD 1000 per mold block.

Interested parties should contact Brian Hagman for more details.

+1 270 300 7001 | [email protected]