FF Caliper Range Launched by Brembo

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STEZZANO, Italy – Brembo has launched its new Pista | FF caliper range as part of its UPGRADE catalog. These are the first members of a new family of racing calipers designed to offer a high level of performance on the track at an accessible price to the everyday enthusiast.

Brembo has used its extensive experience in racing to create a family of uniquely designed forged calipers which guarantee the strength, light weight and design typically associated with motorsports.

Track days, which involve track driving for owners of high-performance cars, have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Brembo has engineered a stopping solution that is easy to install for those who are passionate about beating the stopwatch and want more control at high speeds, faster cornering and the best braking response.

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The Pista | FF family makes its debut with a 6-piston caliper called the FF6 and a 4-piston caliper named the FF4. These new line of brake calipers are ideal for use on the track allowing drivers to get the most out of their cars under extreme conditions in a constant search for the best lap time.

The new Brembo Pista | FF calipers have carefully engineered internal brake fluid ducts that channels the brake fluid for maximum pressure and bleedability of the system. In addition, they also have a brake pad rapid release system, used in endurance racing, for replacing the brake pads quickly and safely without having to remove the caliper from the hub carrier.

From an aesthetic point of view, the new calipers in the Pista | FF family resemble the brake systems that Brembo customer teams use at Le Mans and Daytona. They have a forged asymmetric body with a fixed tangential bridge. The quick release system can be replaced with fixed elements to increase rigidity for sprint applications.

The new calipers are compatible with a wide range of discs and pads already available on the market.

Brembo is already working on new calipers for the Pista family so that it can offer a full range of systems to those who want to maximize track performance at competitive prices.

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